OUR MISSION:  We act courageously to achieve angling goals that strengthen the health of our clients and protect the integrity of the water so future generations can Fish Like Us!

OVERVIEW:  Fish Like Us was formed out of a passion for the wilderness and the rewards of spending time in nature.  We started our business crabbing, clamming, and salmon fishing in Washington state and after observing the effects of nature, identified an opportunity to enrich peoples lives and steward the water through fishing.  Located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, we service the southwest zone of Florida.  With two people in the crew, we act with courage to ensure our patrons experience the same knowledge, ability and equipment that aids us in achieving our angling goals.  We understand that time spent fishing  develops skills, improves health, and strengthens human bonds resulting in empowered youth, proud parents, and physical/spiritual growth.   We are elated to offer quality Fishing Lessons for ages 3+ that are remarkably fun!

AUTHENTICITY:  Our fishing lessons take place in locations that are convenient for our clients.  We have the desire to travel to new locations and apply the principles of FishLikeUs to any water we encounter.  We recognize that people want to go fishing but often lack the time, knowledge and equipment that catching fish safely requires. We differentiate our service by offering fishing lessons close to your location and offer transport from your door to the launch and back if needed. We choose to run our charters from land and kayak for the unrivaled intimacy that comes from being close to the action with as little foreign vibration possible. Furthermore, we designed these lessons to be life changing, full of firsts, and remarkably fun! We offer a filmed documentary of the lesson to add value to the time spent with FishLikeUs so you can keep your hands on the rod, and off the camera.  We realize that not all people can afford our service and make it a point to give back to the fishing communities through volunteering at youth camps/events and by publishing a YouTube channel full of our adventures and lessons. All of this is designed to be profitable for our company, healthy for the environment, and valuable to our clients.

MEET ERIK:  I started fishing at age 3.  I vividly recall the walk through the tall grass down a dusty trail to get to my family’s favorite fishing hole.  There was overwhelming happiness as we got our hands dirty, shared lunch and cast our lines out.  Love vibrated from the tips of my toes to the crown of my skull.  Suddenly, the pole I was holding started to tug.  I gripped it hard, and it pulled even harder.  Eureka!  I was doing what everyone was talking about, I had a fish on!  A fish large enough to pull me off balance and force me to stumble towards the waters edge.  I remember the whooping from behind me and the excited embrace as an arm wrapped around my waist to stop the fish from pulling me in.  I recall someone desperately trying to explain that I needed to reel the fish in.  The cold mountain water splashed my face as the fish neared the shoreline and I’ll never forget the feeling of absolute accomplishment.  I was hooked. 

I spent hours tying knots and slicing my hands in my fillet chores.  The experience of hooking my thumb and turning fear to courage as we determined what we were going to do about it was perhaps my most memorable and significant lesson.   I spent decades fishing, trudging through the disappointment of not catching, and correcting my mistakes.  I come from the  pre-internet era and therefore came to rely upon the mentors and comrades that crossed my path.  I paid close attention and when I wasn't studying musical theater or cooking for money, I was fishing.     

The ritual of fishing is one that is burned deep into our species.  After careful observation and diligent experimentation I have come to conclude that there are few catalysts that can better set a human up for physical and spiritual growth the way fishing can.  This is why I have dedicated my profession to teaching fishing.  Since 2015 I have studied and passed required exams to assure my expertise in the laws of the sea.  Having fished across the USA and chartered boats abroad, I am constantly innovating with enthusiasm to assure fish like us.  

From bait to plate, there is a principle of nature that is begging for our attention.  All we have to do is recognize the pattern.  At Fish Like Us we have the desire, ability and equipment to make that recognition remarkably fun! 

MEET JANEL:  There are few activities that dissolve barriers while adding perspective the way fishing does.  Its simplicity creates community as we come together with a common goal. 

As a freelance writer/blogger I learn what it takes to be a "Fisherman’s Wife," while documenting what I can.  I greet each day in anticipation for the next adventure knowing it will make me stronger.  

​Spending time in nature, learning new skills, sharing good food, and living life authentically adds value to each story.  Meeting new people and making fish stories gifts creates lasting memories. 

​As a Certified Nutritional Therapist I can attest that our best medicine is growing around us. I am thankful for the opportunity to spend my time and attention sharing this experience with those who follow us.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.” -Maimonides