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learn what it takes to fish florida!

Our goal is to teach you what we know about saltwater fishing from "bait to plate".   We provide bait, gear, and instruction for up to 4 rods at a time.  We'll also filet your catch and provide photos of your venture.  



*knot-tying techniques

*tide basics

*water condition education

*casting/reeling techniques

*fish locations

*targeting of species

*filet skills

*preservation techniques



We spend a lot of time with seasoned anglers looking for saltwater guidance. The time is yours to ask questions and learn the specifics needed to fish Florida. 

What to bring:  

*Sun gear (hat, glasses, sunscreen, water shoes)

*Quick-dry clothing or bathing suit

*Jacket for wind/rain (weather dependent) 



$60/hour (up to 2 rods)

$20 for each additional rod

(2-hour minimum required)

Learn More:  Did you know we have a YouTube channel specifically targeted toward teaching the basics?  You can find us on YouTube. 

Catch from shore at your location!

Catch from shore at your location!

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